Strategic Communications and Consulting

At Leer Communication & Consultants, we provide effective and results-driven media relations management to our clients. Our expertly crafted marketing strategies help your business truly engage with your target market. As former editors, our team knows which messages are newsworthy and will resonate with your audience. We work diligently to ensure that your company's story is told.

Leer Communication & Consultants uses cutting-edge technology to research your market and create a dynamic public relations message. Committed to helping your message reach customers, we leverage several types of media including broadcast, print and social media. We develop a key message, which is communicated consistently across all channels. Our firm can coordinate your public events and client meetings, making sure they're a complete success.
When you choose our firm for your media relations needs, we help you navigate the public policy world, helping your company develop corporate responsibility initiatives. Your business will be able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, clients, employees or the government.
Leer Communication and Consultants Business Meeting, Media Relations Management in Minneapolis MN Journalist, Media Relations Management in Minneapolis MN
Leer Communication and Consultants Business Meeting, Media Relations Management in Minneapolis MN
Leer Communication & Consultants can help your business grow by allowing you to take advantage of the good things you're already doing and suggesting additional actions that will further increase your exposure. We provide effective messaging that positively influences public opinion and builds your company's reputation.

Our marketing firm understands how today's media works and the effect that it can have during a crisis. We work directly with your crisis management team, training spokespeople to properly handle the situation when confronted by media. Most of all, we work to protect your brand's image even amidst the worst of crises.

The team at Leer Communication & Consultants has developed a stellar reputation for providing top-notch media relations services in Minneapolis, MN. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you establish your presence in the marketplace.