Brand Strategy & Management Services

The professionals at Leer Communication and Consultants have more than 75-plus years of combined real-world communications experience. In addition, we have an extensive background in marketing, media relations, website management and crisis communications.

We are one of the most streamlined, strategic, effective and organized integrated media communication companies you will find anywhere.

It's our dedication to your success that sets us apart. But it also is our commitment to developing and maintaining a strong working relationship with our clients that's built on trust and integrity. We work hard to make your communications work for your business.
Robb Leer — Brand Management in Minneapolis, MN
ProPrior to starting the agency, Leer was an award-winning journalist with more than two decades of media and communication experience in the radio and television industry. Successfully pitching the press and creating effective campaigns that make headlines is what Robb does best, and he is a real asset to your company's communications efforts.

Since 2003, Robb has been consulting companies and personnel on media and public affairs strategies. Much of Robb's work has been on behalf of high profile clients. New Ballpark Inc., a non-profit group of downtown developers and business owners in Minneapolis, for example hired Leer Communication in 2006 to create and execute media events that would support the legislative initiatives of the Minnesota Twins' bid for new outdoor ballpark. Then in 2007, Leer's firm was hired by the Minnesota Ballpark Authority to handle all of the new Twins' ballpark daily media-related services.

Robb has the level head and quick thinking to successfully execute his clients' crisis communications strategies. Leer is also acclaimed for his public speaking seminars, as well as coaching sales staffs and executives the techniques to enhance their “presentation” and public affairs skills. These interactive media workshops have successfully prepared and provided real-world training techniques to dozens of newsmakers.